"It is not a matter of exposing one's unchanging identity, the true self that has always been, but a way of exposing one's ceaseless growth, the dynamic self that has yet to be."
-James P Carse (Finite and Infinite games)
Final Bachelor Project: Industrial Design TU/e (2013)

"I travel between Southern and Northern hemispheres and around the world so frequently that I no longer have any so-called normal winter and summer, nor normal night and day, for I fly in and out of the shaded or sun-flooded areas of the spinning, orbiting Earth with everincreased frequency. I wear three watches to tell me what time it is at my "home" office, so that I can call them by long distance telephone. One is set for the time of day in the place to which I am next going, and one is set temporarily for the locality in which I happen to be. I now see the Earth realistically as a sphere and think of it as a spaceship. It is big, but it is comprehensible. "

-Buckminster Fuller

Operating manual for spaceship earth.

Various projects for the ID Masters program and external (2014-now)

For various project I've built and designed data visualisations using web technologies such as d3.js, crossfilter.js, react etc. I've also given multiple workshops on the topic of data visualisation.

GPS Trajectories visualisation

Qualitative exploratory methods by building dynamic interactive visualisations of personal GPS data for understanding the complexity of physical activity throughout the day.

Medical data

Interactive data display for analysing urine tests using technologies such as d3, react and crossfilter. Built for medical diagnostics organisation: Diagnostiek Voor U.

Interaction research

An animated visualisation that shows both the linearity and hierarchy of the physical actions and cognitive steps while making a drawing with pen and paper. Inspired by and named after Douglas Hofstadter's concept of Strange Loops.

Government ICT

Visualising government ICT infrastructure to gain insight into sharing and usage of citizen data in various government agencies. Built at a hackathon organised by De Correspondent.
(currently in progress)

A 10 week program in the Open WetLab at Waag Society with the goal to build an open-source DIY bioreactor. The program is currently in progress. One of the first results are two pieces of software for parametrically generating tube racks that can be manufactured with a lasercutter. For more information and the latest developments see my github project page.

Parametric design techniques.

Combined with digital fabrication.

in progress: latest work at github project page